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I have to admit, I was a bit worried.

Early on in the development process for this app, I asked a designer I know if he would like to create a logo/app icon for PackRat. He agreed, but his life turned out to be a bit more exciting than he’d planned, and that didn’t work out in the end. Can’t blame him.

But I was stuck without a logo… and my own drawing skills are severely atrophied. So I asked Rob, who’d helped me a bit with the design for the app, if he wanted to step in. He instead referred me to a friend of his, Sander. That was last friday.

With the submission deadline creeping ever closer, I didn’t really want to experiment any more. Rob’s great, I know him from work at Joost, and I trust his judgement — at the same time, I didn’t like putting PackRat’s fate into the hands of a total stranger, so to speak.

Well, I should’ve known better than to worry… Sander not only delivered, but far above and beyond my expectations! Tonight I had the bittersweet pleasure of having to narrow Sander’s 20+ utterly awesome sketches down to just three candidates.

PackRat’s logo/icon is going to rock your socks off1! I’ll post the finished thing as soon as I have it.

  1. No pressure, if you’re reading this Sander! []
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