I’ve said before that part of the reason for me writing this Android app is because I want to use it myself.

I figured now that it’s pretty much completed, the best real world test I can put it to is to feed it my own collections. So that’s what I proceeded to…

Granted, I didn’t quite get through the mountains of stuff on my real-world shelves, but I went through a decent enough sample size that I can report the real world test to be successful! Except for a few minor glitches that were quickly and easily fixed, everything worked exactly as I had in mind.

As a result, I could also make a few more and more representative screenshots.


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  1. der-eremit.de Says:

    A Packing Rat…

    Although I do not own an android based phone by myself, there is a small application I would like to recommend to you: PackRat — Media Collection Manager for Android.
    Books and CDs present a particular problem to me, mostly because I already have…