I wish I could already show off the app logo/icon.

Over the past few days, we — that is, Sander, Rob and I — have been discussion different versions of Sander’s sketches, and finally zeroed in on a design we all liked best.

Today Sander has show us a beautifully shaded version of that design. Since then we’ve been discussing little tweaks like crazy. I think we’re nearly there… I’m all excited about it!

In other news, I’ve continued testing on my own collection, and manged to find a few subtle little bugs. They wouldn’t have spoilt things very much for you — I doubt you would have noticed most of them, they were that obscure1 — but it’s still good to get them before release!

Not much longer to go now…

  1. Though I shouldn’t really say that. Users notice the tiniest little mistakes. []
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