With only a few hours to spare, I just tagged version 1.0.11. Yay!

And after a final bit of testing, I also submitted it to the ADC2. Now PackRat’s fate lies in your hands, dear reader — I hope you like it, and if you do, please vote for it! I’d love to have the chance to add more features… there are some already in the feedback tab2, and plenty more in my head.

And of course a finished app means we also have a final app logo/icon. Isn’t it a beauty?


To illustrate how much effort went into this gem, we decided to present you with a few samples of the many, many iterations we discussed. And for more eye candy, head over to the screenshots page.

Icon evolution from sketch to pixel art

Icon evolution from sketch to pixel art

Sander made various sketches of a rat holding something, like the CD in the first sketch above. He also made other sketches involving barcodes, to highlight the fact you can add items to your library by scanning their barcode. We liked a lot of the sketches, and debated their pros and cons for a long time. In the end, we decided that we liked rat holding a card with a barcode best.

From there on, it was a question of getting the rat’s posture and colouring right. When that was done, Sander had arrived at a pretty awesome looking logo image. But he was not done yet: what looked great as a larger image then had to be altered and tweaked to work as 48×48 pixel art (blown up to 300% above).

You should also check out some of the other stuff Sander has done in the past — just be sure to have the sound on, it makes the video all the better:

  1. Revision 345, for those of you that might care. []
  2. Look to the left. []

3 Responses to “PackRat Goes Gold”

  1. lobotony Says:

    AWESOME, congratulations! :D

  2. eremit Says:

    Congratulations for submitting packrat in time and the great job you did! The logo isn’t just a beauty, it’s awesome, sexy, gorgeous!

  3. Computerarbeit - un|we|sen Says:

    [...] dabei aber auch nichts besonderes. Als ich kürzlich einen Bekannten bat, mir ein Logo für ein Computerprogramm zu entwerfen, dass ich für einen Wettbewerb fertigstellte, überraschte mich dieser Mensch mit 21 [...]