At the moment, I don’t have much time to spend on PackRat. In a way then, it’s a good thing that I’m still waiting for the ADC2 judging app to be made public — if PackRat had more attention right now, I’d find it harder to keep from improving it, and sticking to paid work.

When I do find an hour or two to work on PackRat, I tend to end up tweaking the user experience here and there. I’m still pretty happy with how the first version turned out, but there’s no denying that some things could be done better. And user experience… well, that’s an area where you’re never really done, I think.

One odd aspect of this work is that in a way I don’t want you to notice it — at least not consciously. In my eyes, the true measure of UX improvements is that you feel things are better, somehow, but wouldn’t be able to point out why. That’s not to say there won’t be any visible changes, of course… but instead of making you aware of them, I’ll wait and see if you discover them on your own.

Sadly, Rob‘s about as busy with work as myself right now, so all of this are just tiny little tweaks I figured out myself. I’m looking forward to working with him on more fundamental improvements at a later date.

That’s all nice and well, you might think, but where are the features?

If you’re following the feedback forum, you’ll have noticed that I also started work on implementing loan list functionality. I hadn’t really considered this to be an essential feature, but you clearly do. Well, that puts it on the top of my list.

My current plan — and that might change — is to release an update once ADC2 concludes. I hope to have added a few more features by that time. Of course I’ll keep you updated on the progress here.

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