Here’s what I found on the Android Developers Blog:

One of the new features we’re really proud of in the Android 1.6 release is Quick Search Box for Android. This is our new system-wide search framework, which makes it possible for users to quickly and easily find what they’re looking for, both on their devices and on the web.
Android Developers Blog: Introducing Quick Search Box for Android

Hah! I was wondering whether that would happen. When I made the current version of PackRat searchable, I couldn’t help but think that the way application-wide search is implemented lends itself to exposing application-wide searches globally. Looks like that’s just what Google did!

For PackRat, that means I’ll need to change exactly two lines of code to support version 1.6′s Quick Search Box. I’m thinking that the inclusion of that feature in the next version of PackRat is pretty much a no-brainer. I’ve nonetheless added it to the suggestions in case you want to vote or comment on the issue.

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