This will only affect people judging PackRat for the currently running Android Developer Challenge. I’ve just discovered that the version I submitted to the challenge breaks if you’re running Android 1.6. I developed and tested on 1.5, where everything worked just fine there.

It’s a silly oversight, and if you’re affected, I’m terribly sorry. I’ve fixed it in the source repository, but can’t publish an update for the challenge. It’ll work again when I push the app to the Android Market.

What’s broken specifically is, the barcode scanning – every time you select to scan something, the app will crash. That’s really annoying, because it’s one of the niftier features in PackRat.

If the only thing you’re interested in is seeing every feature, though, it’s not too bad. When you select any shelf, there’s a “Search & New” menu entry next to the broken “Scan & New”. The screen that shows the search results is identical to the screen that shows matches for scanned barcodes — all you’re missing out is the actual scanning window, and that’s taken from the Barcode Scanner app.

Again, if you’re affected, I’m sorry. It’ll be fixed in whichever version will be pushed to the Android Market first.

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