I’ve received a few comments that Droid users can’t scan any barcodes with PackRat. I don’t have a Droid, but when I tried out PackRat on a borrowed device, it seems to have worked just fine. That makes debugging this issue pretty hard for me. Here are a few ways you can help me if [...]

This morning’s post about the current issues surrounding integration of Android apps via Intents got a few more responses than I had expected. The good news is that Google is aware of the issue. The bad news is that that doesn’t help right away, of course. But there are some things we can do in [...]

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Today’s post on the Android Developers Blog annoys me. Titled Integrating Application with Intents, it describes pretty awesome mechanism by which one app can re-use parts of another app’s code, provided both are structured properly. If you’re technically inclined, head over to that blog for the nitty-gritty of things. It’s pretty well done — and [...]


Hot on the heels of version 1.0.2 I’ve just published a new version. Before you get too excited, there aren’t any major new features in this release. It also does not fix any bugs1. The reason for this new release is simply that a lot of you have given me suggestions in any form imaginable [...]


Yay! I’ve just pushed PackRat’s first release to the Market. While ADC2 didn’t quite end as I’d hoped, all of you wonderful people who voted PackRat into the top 25% of entrants deserve to use it on a daily basis1. Thank you very much for your votes! So I pushed out a release as fast [...]

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So, it seems that while ADC2 is not over exactly, it’s the end for PackRat. Here’s what I got in the mail a short while ago: Thank you for developing your Android application ‘PackRat’ and participating in ADC 2. Unfortunately, your application was not selected by Android users as one of the top 20 in [...]