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So, it seems that while ADC2 is not over exactly, it’s the end for PackRat. Here’s what I got in the mail a short while ago:

Thank you for developing your Android application ‘PackRat’ and participating in ADC 2. Unfortunately, your application was not selected by Android users as one of the top 20 in its category.

According to the scores submitted by users, your application ‘PackRat’ ranked in the top 25% of all applications submitted.

We appreciate your taking the time to develop and enter your application. We strongly encourage you to continue working on it and submit it to the public Android Market, where it can be downloaded and enjoyed by Android users all over the world.

Thank you again for your participation in ADC 2.

ADC 2 Support

Well, I’m sad, I’d have thought to do a little better than that. But I’m also glad that the wait is over. I’ll roll a release now, and push PackRat to the Market — you’ll see an update here when that’s done!

3 Responses to “End of ADC2”

  1. foosel Says:

    Too bad :( But as you already said, it has its good sides, the wait is finally over, and I’m so eager to get my hands on it (didn’t get it during ADC2′s first round) :)

  2. unwesen Says:

    I’m eager to get it published :)

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