Yay! I’ve just pushed PackRat’s first release to the Market.

While ADC2 didn’t quite end as I’d hoped, all of you wonderful people who voted PackRat into the top 25% of entrants deserve to use it on a daily basis1. Thank you very much for your votes!

So I pushed out a release as fast as I could — this release does not contain any new features over what I submitted to ADC2, but does contain a few usability tweaks. Nothing major, but this new version’s user interface should be a bit more responsive, amongst other things.

You can download the app by just scanning or clicking on the QR code below.

PackRat on Android Market

PackRat on Android Market

  1. Assuming that’s a good thing, and not punishment. []

2 Responses to “PackRat 1.0.2 Released”

  1. mykro76 Says:

    Sorry to hear it didn’t progress to the next round – if I had seen it I would have rated it up! I really want to see a good collection manager for Android!

    To me, Android is all about the cloud. Syncing data manually is so “WinMo”. That’s why Android needs a manager that can store its data online and present it to both the phone and to any web browser.

    You can read more on my musings here:


    Five months later and I still can’t find anything along these lines :( Do you think you might consider an on-line backend for Packrat?

  2. unwesen Says:

    Thank you for your kind words and feedback!

    Cloud synchronization is indeed something I’ve considered. The corresponding feedback item is here:

    I’ve been pretty vague in the description of that, mostly because I haven’t yet figured out what cloud service to use and how to charge users for it — I don’t really want to pay for other people’s bandwidth ;)

    Amazon has offerings that would work, but without a business address in the USA, I’ll not be able to use them (bad Amazon, bad!).

    I’ve looked at Google Docs as a (free) alternative, but haven’t yet got around to figuring out if/how I can make it work, let alone the implementation. Paid work takes up a lot of time.

    But it’s one of the features I’ve considered pretty much from the start, and desperately want in the app.