Hot on the heels of version 1.0.2 I’ve just published a new version.

Before you get too excited, there aren’t any major new features in this release. It also does not fix any bugs1.

The reason for this new release is simply that a lot of you have given me suggestions in any form imaginable but via the suggestions forum.

Now any and all feedback is much appreciated, and I will continue to add suggestions you make to the forum. But in order to give you a better overview of what’s planned — and in what stage of development each feature is — I’ve decided to integrate the forum better into the app.

Integration is far from perfect, but at least you’ll get to see the current list of suggestions at the click of a button or two.

I’m looking forward to future suggestions from you. Thank you for using PackRat!

  1. I don’t know of any in v1.0.2 []

2 Responses to “PackRat 1.0.3 Released”

  1. Marta Says:

    Hi, I just downloaded Packrat to my Android. I am pretty sure we can use bookcovers images… I just dont know how. Could you tell me please?

  2. unwesen Says:


    Right now, PackRat’s approach is to search the internet (specifically Google Base) for information on books. That is, it’s primary mode of operation is for you not to enter full book details, but to let PackRat fill in the details.

    On the main screen, that works by scanning barcodes. If you’ve navigated to any shelf, then there’s also a “Search & New” option available, which lets you add items to the shelf by searching the internet for titles, authors, etc.

    Whether you scan barcodes or add items via search, you’ll be presented with a list of possible results that also include book covers where available. You can then select which cover you want to associate with an item from that results list.

    Adding images to items in your library by hand is a feature that’ll be added at some point. You can go to the feature request and vote for it, if you like.