Seems like the Samsung Galaxy might be getting an upgrade to Android 1.6.

How do I know?

Well, the GA tracking that’s included in PackRat reports the Android version PackRat is run on — and little else, I might add. That’s been incredibly useful in figuring out, for example, that I can drop support for Android 1.5 and include support for the Quick Search Box.

And now this tracking shows up an Android version 1.6-GalaxoV1.2 which a quick Google search suggests is for the Samsung Galaxy. You Galaxy owners may think that’s old news, but it’s new to me!

In related news … and this is really more exciting to me, personally … apparently there are one or two people out there running Android 3.1.

Yes. Three dot one. Exciting things are to come, I’m sure!

Edit: Seems like this is old news after all. Hello then, first Galaxy user that updated!

2 Responses to “Android 1.6 on Samsung Galaxy GT-I7500L”

  1. Gus Says:


    I used your app for a short while, in my HTC Magic running 1.6
    When I recently upgraded to 2.1, I couldn’t find your app in market anymore :(
    I am using a custom rom… but my 1.6 was a custom rom as well, both were cyanogen…

    Jut fyi,


    P.S. Mass-import will turn this into a major must-have app :)

  2. unwesen Says:


    Thank you for your comment! The reason PackRat isn’t in the Market right now is a bit of a blunder on my part. I’ve made some changes to the metadata and screenshots in preparation for the next release, but didn’t publish the release yet as I’m waiting for translations.

    This “in-between” state seems to take apps out of the Market… it should be back in a few days.

    Regarding mass-import, it’s high on the list.