So a few days ago I posted about collecting crashlogs as of version 1.2.0. Yesterday I released that version. Today I see literally thousands of occurrences of one particular crash in my crash log database. That crash is fixed, and waiting for the release of 1.2.1.

I really can’t express how happy this makes me. As a developer, I take pride in my work, and really don’t like my software failing badly. But given the amount of time and resources I can throw at PackRat, my options when it comes to finding issues such as this one are very limited.

By collecting crash logs like this, I don’t think I place too much of a burden on you guys, but if the results are this good, it seems like this is almost the perfect form of cooperation between us to make PackRat better.

Edit: About 24h later, the number of ancient bugs like this one in my database has risen. I’m glad to say that all are easily fixable, and most of them already fixed. So 1.2.1 should become vastly more stable than pretty much any version prior to it.

2 Responses to “The Value of Crashlogs”

  1. Jolinda Stephens Says:

    Can’t figure out where to report this bug. Love the app but I’ve just started using it and I keep getting the same error. Long experience tells me that because I’m unfamiliar with it I’m doing dumb things the creator never imagined anyone would do.

    It reads the bar code correctly – in this case a book product number. It says so as it goes merrily off to find the book. And then says that Packrat has ceased working.

    What am I doing wrong?


  2. unwesen Says:


    Here is as good as any place for reporting bugs. Or you can email me the information. Either way, thank you for reporting!

    I think you’ve run into exactly the bug I was talking about above. In either case, if PackRat just stops working, just start it again and I’ll get the crash log information and can work it out from there. Chances are that already happened.

    I expect your bug to be fixed in the next update, and hopefully within a few days!