This release fixes a number of lesser bugs and one major one that seems to have escaped me and other people who reported issues. Switchbreak had a keener eye, and spotted that all of a sudden, smart shelves were editable — but once you saved your changes, they’d convert into regular shelves.

The biggest change this version introduces, therefore, is to re-add smart shelves as they were intended.

The second biggest change is that this version drops Chinese localization. That makes me very sad indeed — but since pushing 1.2.0 out, I’ve not really received any help with that, and unfortunately can’t really translate to Chinese myself. So I figure that no Chinese is better than broken Chinese.

Incidentally, not that it’ll mean much to most of you, but this release also coincides with source code revision number 1200. That should make it extra special.

Edit: Got the name of the user who found the bug confused with that of another guy contacting me about PackRat. That’s fixed now — apologies!

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