Another week or so passed, another bug fix update. I’m getting into a rhythm here, hope I can keep this up. The good news is that the overall number of bugs is dwindling. The bad news is that as some bugs get fixed, the route gets cleared for you to encounter others.

This week’s batch of bugs was the usual mixed bag of force closes and minor annoyances. But I’m glad to say that the minor annoyances seem to outnumber the force closes by now.

Here’s what’s really weird, though: about two thirds of the errors reported occurred on the HTC Droid Eris. That’s quite a big number. So either that phone is selling like hot cakes, outselling the Motorola Droid — but that doesn’t seem entirely likely.

Or, and that’s a more reasonable assumption, the Eris is particularly prone to producing errors. Now for that second theory, I can come up with two possible explanations again:

  1. The hardware or software on the Eris is flakey.
  2. The hardware of the Eris is outlandishly fast and/or different so that weird race conditions get triggered that no other phone managed to trigger to date.

While there’s absolutely a chance that it’s the latter, the specs don’t really show the Eris to be all that different from other current HTC phones. Hmm. If I were a betting man, I think I’d bet on the first being the reason. And that means, I’d stay away from the Eris for now.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this release!

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