It’s been a busy few weeks since the last release, and that prevented me from pushing updates recently. But I’m glad to say that nothing terribly bad seems to have happened since then. This release fixes one fairly strange issue: if you added an item to the loan list, then from there to the wishlist, [...]


Time to spread some happiness! Above you can see Timo, a happy PackRat user. If you, too, wish to be a happy PackRat user, why not go to the packrat store and purchase some happiness-inducing products? You’ll spread your happiness to Sander, who made the PackRat logo you’ll be wearing/drinking from, and to myself. Doesn’t [...]

I receive a decent amount of emails from you guys out there, detailing what you think PackRat is good or bad at, telling me about crashes, etc. Today I received an email from a user that first astounded me, then angered me because I found it offensive, but that I then realized really requires answers. [...]

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