Time to spread some happiness!

Happy User

Happy User

Above you can see Timo, a happy PackRat user. If you, too, wish to be a happy PackRat user, why not go to the packrat store and purchase some happiness-inducing products?

You’ll spread your happiness to Sander, who made the PackRat logo you’ll be wearing/drinking from, and to myself. Doesn’t that just make you feel wam and fuzzy inside?

2 Responses to “Happy User!”

  1. John Marston Says:

    Howdy stranger! That’s all nice and dandy, but my woman requires a girlie to show off her awesome curves. Can you arrange for that? Meet me at MacFarlane’s Ranch if you want to talk things through.

  2. unwesen Says:

    I very nearly spammed that. You’ve been playing too much Grand Theft Pony.

    Yes, I can oblige. But I’m not going to meet you at any ranch, that just stinks of a set up.