It’s been a busy few weeks since the last release, and that prevented me from pushing updates recently. But I’m glad to say that nothing terribly bad seems to have happened since then.

This release fixes one fairly strange issue: if you added an item to the loan list, then from there to the wishlist, and then removed it from the wishlist again, it would not be back on the loan list, but it would still have a due date and loanee contact set. The due date and loanee are now cleared if an item is moved to the wishlist — after all, how can you lend something you don’t yet have?

Other than that, a few rarer crashes have been fixed.

4 Responses to “PackRat 1.2.5 Released”

  1. Eric Says:

    I was looking forward to this update to see if it fixed the issue I was having.

    I haven’t put anything in packrat yet, but it is always running in the background and restarts itself. That should be switchable.

    Unfortunately, it is not showing up in the market under android 2.2 FRF50 or FRF72.

    Can you provide a direct link to the .apk or allow it to show up in market for test builds?

  2. unwesen Says:

    Hey! It’d be great to know what your issue is — if I can reproduce it, then I might be able to fix it.

    PackRat does run in the background, but keep in mind that it doesn’t actually do much there. I’ve explained why it runs in the background here, starting with the fourth paragraph from the bottom.

    As for Froyo… I really don’t know why it doesn’t show up. There’s nothing I’ve put in the app that would prevent PackRat from showing up on Froyo, and a growing percentage of PackRat users runs Froyo. But there’s a list of .apk files of all previous releases here.

    Hope that helps!

  3. david Says:

    Want to buy this in canada but its not in the google market. Trying to use and old version from your site but lots of crashes after searches. Great app though, how can I buy it?


  4. unwesen Says:


    Odd that it’s not in the Market. I really don’t know what Google is doing with that, it should be. You can’t buy it there, though, because it’s free ;)

    But you can just head to here and download the appropriate .apk file if you have issues. If you want to be notified of releases as if you had the Market installed, I’d recommend AndAppStore where PackRat is also published.

    Hope that helps!