This release is mostly thanks to Mark Sunderland, who thankfully pointed out to me that PackRat’s lending feature does not work on HTC Hero phones that were upgraded to Android 2.1-update1. That’s now fixed — and kudos to Mark for helping me circumvent that bug in HTC’s upgrade!

Other than that, I managed to solve a rare and vexing issue where items you scanned or searched for might be added to the database without you selecting to do so. This fix does not remove those items, though — it just prevents the same from happening again. If you want to remove these items, long-press on them in the shelf and select the delete option.

Next, on Android 2.1 and 2.2 the search might crash when searching within PackRat via the hardware search button.

Lastly, this release tweaked to work on Android 2.2.


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