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PackRat version 1.2.7 is currently available for download from Android Market. Click or scan the QR code below on your Android phone to start the installation.

Android 1.5 users, you can get the latest compatible version 1.0.3 here.

PackRat on Android Market

PackRat on Android Market


  • 1.2.72011-06-30:
    • Rare crashes fixed.
  • 1.2.62010-07-06:
    • The previous versions triggered a bug on HTC’s 2.1-update1 for Hero phones: when selecting a contact for lending, you would only see weird numbers and no contact names.
    • Fixed a bug where items you scanned or searched for might rarely be added to your database whether you wanted to or not. For this to trigger, those items must have included a broken link to an item image. Note that broken items like this might still be in your database: you won’t be able to look at their details page. You can remove them from the database by long-pressing on the item in the shelf and selecting the delete option.
    • Fixed a crash on Android versions 2.1 and 2.2 when attempting to search within PackRat via the hardware search button.
    • Minor compatibility fixes for Android 2.2.
    • Rare crashes fixed.
  • 1.2.52010-06-19:
    • Moving items wishlist now clears the loanee and due date.
    • Rare crashes fixed.
  • 1.2.42010-05-29:
    • Improved result parsing; should result in the app finding more results for scans.
    • Improved item type recognition.
    • Fixed a number of crashers/force closes.
  • 1.2.32010-05-20:
    • Chinese localization removed. Sorry! It seems my supply of free localization has dried up.
    • Fix critical bug: “locked” shelves, including smart shelves, were editable which they shouldn’t have been. Once changed, the shelves were converted to regular shelves. This update restores the smart shelves.
    • Also fixed a number of rarer force close/crash bugs.
  • 1.2.22010-05-12:
    • Chinese localization still incomplete.
    • Fix critical bug: adding items from shelves rather than the main menu scan option did not work.
  • 1.2.12010-05-11:
    • Chinese localization still incomplete.
    • Improved recognition of item types.
    • Fixed various severe force close/crash scenarios.
  • 1.2.02010-05-07:
    • Note that Chinese localization is incomplete in this release. A 1.2.1 release will likely follow shortly to remedy that issue.
    • Loan list: keep track of who you lent stuff to, and let PackRat remind you when they’re due to be returned.
    • Option to store images on SD card, and to store them permanently if desired.
    • Improved search results.
    • Freeform notes for items in your library.
    • Crash reports are now sent to a server, meaning bugs should be detected and fixed more easily.
    • Many user interface tweaks and bug fixes.
  • 1.1.22010-02-18:
    • Fixes a crash that occurs while retrieving some book search results.
  • 1.1.12010-02-01:
    • Fixes a crash in the search result picker dialog caused by malformed URLs.
    • Chinese translations added.
  • 1.1.02009-12-08:
    • Drops support for Android 1.5. Some of the fixes/enhancements in this release are incompatible with 1.5.
    • Support for scanning on QVGA devices (such as the Tattoo) and WVGA devices (such as the Droid/Milestone).
    • Support for Android 1.6′s Quick Search Box, which allows you to search for your media from the Desktop’s search bar.
    • Image caching is smarter, resulting in less bandwidth usage.
    • Upgrade to ZXing 1.4
    • Various small fixes.
  • 1.0.32009-11-07: Adds feedback forum integration.
  • 1.0.22009-11-06: Initial release.

Thirdparty Stores

PackRat gets releases on thirdparty app stores as well as the Android Market.

Other Resources

PackRat 1.0 uses some icons from the Gorilla theme for GNOME, some of them with slight modifications. The Gorilla theme was created by Jakub Steiner and made available to the public under an Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license. You can download the image files PackRat uses here.