I figured I should post a big thank-you. So here it is:

Thank You!

You’re really making me happy. And because pictures are better at explaining some things, here’s a picture to explain why you deserve this.

PackRat Users

PackRat Users

Click on the image for a full sized version.

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This release fixes a number of lesser bugs and one major one that seems to have escaped me and other people who reported issues. Switchbreak had a keener eye, and spotted that all of a sudden, smart shelves were editable — but once you saved your changes, they’d convert into regular shelves.

The biggest change this version introduces, therefore, is to re-add smart shelves as they were intended.

The second biggest change is that this version drops Chinese localization. That makes me very sad indeed — but since pushing 1.2.0 out, I’ve not really received any help with that, and unfortunately can’t really translate to Chinese myself. So I figure that no Chinese is better than broken Chinese.

Incidentally, not that it’ll mean much to most of you, but this release also coincides with source code revision number 1200. That should make it extra special.

Edit: Got the name of the user who found the bug confused with that of another guy contacting me about PackRat. That’s fixed now — apologies!

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I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: PackRat’s users are awesome!

In my rage to squash bugs in yesterdays 1.2.1 release, I managed to introduce a new one, and didn’t see it before pushing the build to the Market. It’s a fairly obvious one, even: you can’t add items from any of the options on a shelf page.

Tim Onken kindly pointed this bug out to me. Its literally less than a line to fix, an oversight, almost as simple as a typo, so a new version 1.2.2 is in the Market now. It should hit your phones very soon.

Sorry for this oversight — that’s why you need a good quality assurance team, incidentally. As a developer, you can easily get blind to these things. So kudos to all those underappreciated QA guys out there, and kudos to PackRat’s users again for being so helpful!


I didn’t want to wait. Since I pushed 1.2.0, my crash log database has been filling up more and more, and that had to be changed. It’s kind of irrational, given that most of the bugs existed in PackRat for months and nobody bothered to report them, but hey, bugs still bother me.

There’s nothing really new in 1.2.1, just bugfixes.

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So a few days ago I posted about collecting crashlogs as of version 1.2.0. Yesterday I released that version. Today I see literally thousands of occurrences of one particular crash in my crash log database. That crash is fixed, and waiting for the release of 1.2.1.

I really can’t express how happy this makes me. As a developer, I take pride in my work, and really don’t like my software failing badly. But given the amount of time and resources I can throw at PackRat, my options when it comes to finding issues such as this one are very limited.

By collecting crash logs like this, I don’t think I place too much of a burden on you guys, but if the results are this good, it seems like this is almost the perfect form of cooperation between us to make PackRat better.

Edit: About 24h later, the number of ancient bugs like this one in my database has risen. I’m glad to say that all are easily fixable, and most of them already fixed. So 1.2.1 should become vastly more stable than pretty much any version prior to it.


Alright, I’m growing impatient. This release has been sitting on my harddisk for a while, so I’m pushing it out.

Unfortunately Chinese localization is incomplete in this release. The awesome guys over at nd.com.cn who perform that localization for free1 haven’t got around to that yet.

Normally I’d be a lot more patient, but I haven’t published any real features in a while yet, and I want to see how they behave “in the wild”, as long as I still having time to fix any issues that might crop up.

So expect a version 1.2.1 with Chinese localization to appear soon after this one. Oh, and the change list is available on the downloads page.


  1. Yes, free. That’s how awesome they are! []
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The awesome people over at Android Software were kind enough to help me out with a problem that’s been bugging PackRat for a while now. And that problem is that despite my best efforst, some barcodes you scan won’t be recognized.

Thanks to those guys help, I managed to get hold of some such barcodes, and that meant I could test where exactly the barcode recognition fails — there are several steps involved in this. And seeing where the failure occurs then led me to develop a workaround which will hopefully mean better search results for you.

In this post, I’d like to explain the problem and solution in more detail — if that sort of thing bores you, you can skip the rest of this post, and just keep in mind that the upcoming version 1.2.0 of PackRat should be better at recognizing your stuff!


Just to give you an idea of what I’ve been up to while neglecting PackRat a little, check out these videos:

Yup, I’ve been busy. That’s for a client, who will hopefully publish the app any day now.


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PackRat 1.2.0 - Item Details

PackRat 1.2.0 - Item Details

I’m glad to say that I’ve made some progress on PackRat in recent days. I have recently been swamped with work, and couldn’t take time away from that for more fun endeavours. To give you a first taste of what’s to come1, I’ve updated the screenshots section.

As you can see, some of the changes are just minor tweaks to the visuals that in my opinion go a long way towards making PackRat more useful.

But I’ve also added a few long-requested features. Now I’m mainly waiting for Chinese translations to be finished, and then I can push this update to the Market.


  1. Really soon, I hope. []
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Seems like the Samsung Galaxy might be getting an upgrade to Android 1.6.

How do I know?

Well, the GA tracking that’s included in PackRat reports the Android version PackRat is run on — and little else, I might add. That’s been incredibly useful in figuring out, for example, that I can drop support for Android 1.5 and include support for the Quick Search Box.

And now this tracking shows up an Android version 1.6-GalaxoV1.2 which a quick Google search suggests is for the Samsung Galaxy. You Galaxy owners may think that’s old news, but it’s new to me!

In related news … and this is really more exciting to me, personally … apparently there are one or two people out there running Android 3.1.

Yes. Three dot one. Exciting things are to come, I’m sure!

Edit: Seems like this is old news after all. Hello then, first Galaxy user that updated!