So a few days ago I posted about collecting crashlogs as of version 1.2.0. Yesterday I released that version. Today I see literally thousands of occurrences of one particular crash in my crash log database. That crash is fixed, and waiting for the release of 1.2.1. I really can’t express how happy this makes me. [...]


I’ve received a few comments that Droid users can’t scan any barcodes with PackRat. I don’t have a Droid, but when I tried out PackRat on a borrowed device, it seems to have worked just fine. That makes debugging this issue pretty hard for me. Here are a few ways you can help me if [...]

This will only affect people judging PackRat for the currently running Android Developer Challenge. I’ve just discovered that the version I submitted to the challenge breaks if you’re running Android 1.6. I developed and tested on 1.5, where everything worked just fine there. It’s a silly oversight, and if you’re affected, I’m terribly sorry. I’ve [...]

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