After a bit of hacking at Google’s offices, I’ve managed to confirm what helpful users reported: the Droid Scanner Issues are fixed, and that warrants a new release! Unfortunately, the fix requires me to drop support for Android 1.5. I’m sorry! This is a side project, and I don’t really have the time/resources to support [...]


Hot on the heels of version 1.0.2 I’ve just published a new version. Before you get too excited, there aren’t any major new features in this release. It also does not fix any bugs1. The reason for this new release is simply that a lot of you have given me suggestions in any form imaginable [...]


Yay! I’ve just pushed PackRat’s first release to the Market. While ADC2 didn’t quite end as I’d hoped, all of you wonderful people who voted PackRat into the top 25% of entrants deserve to use it on a daily basis1. Thank you very much for your votes! So I pushed out a release as fast [...]

It looks like the upcoming Android 1.6 will include significant changes to the Market. We have also added four new sub-categories for applications: sports, health, themes, and comics. Developers can now choose these sub-categories for both new and existing applications via the publisher website. Finally, we have added seller support for developers in Italy. Italian [...]

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