I hope you have a great holiday season, and I wish you all the best for the new year! Disappointingly, the christmas release I was hoping to finish was not to be. It’s going to sound like a lame excuse at this point, but other things kept interrupting. But fear not, I’ve made a bit [...]

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After a bit of hacking at Google’s offices, I’ve managed to confirm what helpful users reported: the Droid Scanner Issues are fixed, and that warrants a new release! Unfortunately, the fix requires me to drop support for Android 1.5. I’m sorry! This is a side project, and I don’t really have the time/resources to support [...]


Yay! I’ve just pushed PackRat’s first release to the Market. While ADC2 didn’t quite end as I’d hoped, all of you wonderful people who voted PackRat into the top 25% of entrants deserve to use it on a daily basis1. Thank you very much for your votes! So I pushed out a release as fast [...]